EMU/220 - Text Terminal Emulations
EMU/220 is a compact, extremely fast, TEXT Terminal EMUlator that runs on IBM PCs and emulates the DG Dasher D214, D215, and D220 CRT terminals. It is coded in 100% machine language with highly optimized interrupt drivers to provide true 9600 baud response on an original 4.77MHz PC (now you know what to do with those paperweights!). Bascially, the fastest, smallest (for those of you with lots of TSRs (and not running OS/2)), most reliable D220 terminal emulator available.

Rhintek Computer Engineering


  • Supports communication rates up to 115,200 bps.
  • Optional memory resident mode requires only 28K for code plus a 1K-36K receive buffer.
  • Uses all PC keyboards and generates all Dasher key codes.
  • Accommodates both single and sual monitor systems.
  • Supports text file transfers and includes a scroll back buffer with line retransmit and save-to-file options.
  • Built-in diagnostic features.
  • User can define an unlimited number of configuration files, including automatic start-up or logon commands.
  • Supports blink, underline, inverse video, colors, and line drawing characters.
  • Supports local printers via printer pass through, simulprint, and print screen.

Rhintek Computer Engineering
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