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EMU/470 - Color Graphics Terminal Emulations
EMU/470 is a high end, color graphics terminal emulator that emulates the Data General Dasher D411, D461, D470C CRT terminals. It supports all DG software including CEO, Present, Trendview, and Drawing Board, as well as all known 3rd party software including 20/20 and WordPerfect. EMU/470 runs on all IBM Personal Computers and true compatibles, requiring less than 384K memory and an RS-232 port or modem. Graphics functions require an EGA or VGA adapter.

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  • Compatible with all Data General programs using DG terminals D214, D215, D220, D411, W460, D461, as well as the D470C.
  • Graphics functions require VGA, EGA, CGA, MCGA, or Hercules adapters.
  • Includes text, binary, XMODEM, YMODEM, and Kermit asynchronous file transfers.
  • Network support includes text and binary file transfers.
  • Supports Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device.
  • Multi-tiered menu system provides easy system control without consuming keycodes.
  • User selectable communication rates from 300 to 38400 bps.
  • Provides over 70 definable macro keys, including a comprehensive command language.
  • Runs stand-alone, under CEO Connection, or memory resident.
  • Outputs hard copy on local printers via printer pass through, simulprint, and print screen. Graphics can be printed to IBM Proprinter, HP LaserJet+, or compatible printers.
  • Compressed mode delivers 135 characters per line on any graphics adapter.
  • European language support includes code pages 850 and 437, foreign keyboard layouts, and SPCL key functionality.
  • Not copy protected for easy installation and backup.
  • Honors workstation commands to control emulation from host.
  • Supports text and binary file transmit and capture. Files can be transmitted with adjustable delays to allow the host to keep up.
  • Provides automatic dialing, logon, and logoff functions. User can define an unlimited number of configuration files, each with its own set of functions.
  • Provides full and half duplex (usable as local).
  • All parity options are selectable.
  • Built-in hardware diagnostic features and receive buffer display.
  • Simulates all DG key functions on 10 and 12 function key PC keyboards.

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