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Bug Eyed Monsters from Outer Space

The year is 2153. Rhinokind's exploration of space has brought Earth into contact with the evil BEM empire. Strap on your atomic blaster! Power-up your Acme communicator! Join the Rhinos or the BEMs in a deadly game whose stakes are the domination of the galaxy!

DEMO!!! (2MB) OS/2 ONLY! BEM chronicles the battle between the United Earth Federation and the Bug Eyed Monsters from Outer Space. In this Demo, you walk around Space Station Zulu and attempt to capture flags while shooting at other player-characters and the deadly walking flowers! The Demo supports unlimited multiple players for head-to-head action, using Rhintek's YAK to communicate between modules. Connect through serial ports, between modems, or across TCPIP networks, including the INTERNET!!!

Conquered Zulu? Get the OS/2 game BEM: It Crawled from the Net at $19.95 (+$6.50 S&H)for

more Worlds, more Weapons, more Wierdos!
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