CallerID/2 - Identify callers
CallerID/2 is an OS/2 package based on the powerful RhinoCom engine and designed to sit in the background of OS/2 and promptly identify incoming calls. As calls are made to the phone line on which a caller-id-enabled modem is listening, CallerID/2 locates the phone number in its database and announces the call. There are three types of calls: recognized, unrecognized, and privacy-enabled. Because CallerID/2 is resident on your OS/2 machine, you may have custom popup messages, hang ups on certain numbers or call-types, or even multimedia sound associated with each call.

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  • Runs quietly in the background while waiting for an incoming call.
  • Database contains number, name, and comment for caller.
  • Popup messages identify incoming calls.
  • PC speaker and multimedia sound personalize callers.
  • Can hang up calls from undesirable sources (such as a Privacy user).
  • Logs all incoming calls.
  • Popup message adds comments to the log file for a particular call.
  • Uses the RhinoCom engine for fast, efficient, powerful communications.
  • Can add new phone numbers to the database as they arrive.
  • Passes the call to your fax program when recognized as a fax call.

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