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RhinoCom Home - OS/2 Modem Communications
Ideal for the new modem communicator! RhinoCom Home is rhino-power behind curtains, with automated logins, an easily configured Status Bar, buttons for oft-used menu items, popular terminal emulations and file transfers, context-sensitive help, Startup tutorial, an interactive "Coach", and a human-centered directory interface. Personalize operations of the mouse and Status Box and add the items you need! All of the configurability and reliability of the Standard Edition are present, making RhinoCom Home the most stable, friendly, inexpensive modem communications product around and your best choice for personal OS/2 modem communications.

"Compared to competing "lite" communications packages for OS/2, RhinoCom Home 1.5 has more power and is easier to use." .....................................PC World, May 1996

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Demo of RhinoCom Home (>1M) -- This Demo is a fully functional, but time limited version of RhinoCom Home. Unzip this file to a temporary directory, then run "Install".
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