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RhinoCom - OS/2 Modem Communications
RhinoCom is a modem communication package designed specifically for the OS/2 platform and market. It is incredibly multithreaded, was designed to fit snugly within a multitasking environment, is object-oriented both in design and in its Workplace Shell dialing directory, uses the OS/2 batch language, REXX, for scripting, allows processing to take place in response to events, has fully context-sensitive help, and is already well known for its power and reliability. These features and more allow RhinoCom to fully take advantage of the increased productivity that OS/2 has to offer its users. New features of v2.0 include: fax receive, caller ID, and Telnet Client/Server.

"...not only a finely crafted communications program, but a true OS/2 application that is completely integrated with OS/2 Warp's system capabilities." .....................................OS/2 Magazine, Volume 2 Number 8 August 1995

"...a great example of the trend (finally) toward making OS/2 applications look and feel like they were made for OS/2." .....................................InfoWorld, Volume 17 Issue 10 March 6, 1995

"...well-designed software that offers powerful, reliable communications -- a program that lives up to its mighty name." .....................................Home Office Computing, Volume 13 Number 7 July 1995

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  • NEW! Fax receive through regular answer mode or as an option with Host Mode.
  • NEW! Fully configurable Telnet Client for logging onto hosts on your local LAN or the Internet.
  • NEW! Telnet Server is useful for hosting programs on a network or the Internet (our favorite, BEM: It Crawled from the Net).
  • NEW! Caller ID identification and logging. Check out CallerID/2 for more details.
  • Fully multi-threaded so you can use your computer during downloads.
  • Multisessions can occur with multiple com ports
  • Event driven so that actions can happen as results of things like calls coming in, or downloads finishing.
  • Text/Binary, XMODEM, YMODEM, ZMODEM, Kermit, and CIS B+ file transfers.
  • ANSI, VT52, VT100, VT220, VT320, DG217, DG411, DG413 terminal emulations.
  • Scripting is event-driven and uses a communication-enabled form of the REXX language.
  • Automated script learning with AutoScripting.
  • RhinoCom exploits OS/2's Workplace Shell. Control your communication sessions just like eveything else in OS/2!
  • Index view simulates a personal phone book.
  • Rhino sessions can be placed in Rhinodexes (specialized folders), on the Desktop, or your favorite WarpCenter or LaunchPad.
  • Rhinodexes can batch Rhino connections - just once or until connected.
  • 200+ page reference manual documents every feature.
  • Hypertext tutorial explains basic object tasks.
  • Context-sensitive help available for every item.
  • Interactive "coach" helps users get communicating right away.
  • Free phone (410)730-2575 and online (support@rhintek.com) technical support.
  • Redefine most keys and key-combinations.
  • Change the mouse functionality to include custom commands.
  • Use named macros in scripts or the menu bar.
  • Host Mode provides "mini-BBS" functionality with 10 access levels and unlimited users.
  • Status Box attachs to terminal window or moves independently.
  • Items on the Status Box include optional buttons, state controls, and even modem lights.
  • Both Session and transaction logging provided.
  • Print only needed data or all data as it arrives.
  • Line Monitor window displays all com port traffic for easier debugging.
  • History mode uses a scrollback buffer of configurable size.
Rhintek Computer Engineering


Demo of RhinoCom Home (>1M) -- This Demo is a fully functional, but time limited version of RhinoCom Home. Unzip this file to a temporary directory, then run "Install".
Rhintek Computer Engineering
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