Furniture Object Files for Downloading

TABLE11.csy - One legged square table (wood). 66x100x100
TABLE21.csy - Two legged rectangular wooden table. 66x200x100
TABLE22.csy - Wood covered folding table. 60x195x110
TABLE41.csy - Glass topped 4 leg table. 77x90x90
TABLE42.csy - Glass topped 4 leg table. 62x90x90
TABLE8.csy - One legged octagonal table (wood). 66x100x100
BEDCASE1.csy - A bedside night stand. 55x42x42
BOOKCASE.csy - A wall sized Bookshelf 200x91x33
CASE1.csy - Home Entertainment Center (Wall Unit) 195x152x70
CASE2.csy - Wooden case with glass door front. 200x150x60
CASE3.csy - Long wooden case with glass front. 223x300x50
RACK.csy - 2 tier shelf rack with wooden supports. 60x96x42
CSOFA.csy - A 90 degree angle couch. 80x160x160
SOFA2m.CSY - A 3 seat leather sofa. 70x200x60
TVSET.csy - A 34" diagonal tube television. 60x80x40
ARMCHAIR.csy - A standard sized plush arm chair. 70x80x80
CHAIR.csy - An armless wooden chair. 102x51x51
BED1.csy - A Full sized wood framed bed 80x200x221
LENS.csy - A Three-section Bass Absorber from ARGENT
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