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Loudspeaker Frequency Test

Test your Computer Loudspeaker's Frequency Response with our Loudspeaker Frequency Test program. A free Online tool to help you find out just how well your computer speakers handle different frequencies. The program is about a megabyte (1mb) download and uses high resolution sound samples. A Java enabled browser is required. Click here to open the Loudspeaker Frequency Test.


The version of Internet Explorer that is included with Windows XP does not include support for Java, which is required to use the Loudspeaker Frequency Test.

Until recently, Microsoft XP users were able to download Java automatically from within Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, they no longer offer this feature.

For information from Microsoft about how to upgrade your Internet Explorer to include support for Java, please click here.

Alternatively, Java support can be downloaded from several other sources:

Please note that these sites are not affiliated with Rhintek LLC, and we are unable to provide support for these products.

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